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Voice & Data Cabling

As technology advances, so should your business. Your voice and data cables are essential to the communication infrastructure of your company, and a structured cabling system is vital for both internal and external communication.


Because we know that every year will bring new opportunities for your business, we design a network cabling system that has the capacity to adapt to future technology. As your business evolves, so should your low voltage cabling system. Here at Telesource Installers, our goal is to design and build a system that allows you to expand and grow every year.

We provide expertise in a number of cabling areas, including:

  • Design and Installation

  • Troubleshooting and repair

  • Testing and Documentation of existing cabling infrastructure

  • Category 5e and 6 Cabling

  • Fiber Optic Cabling

  • Backbone installation (inter and intra-building)

  • New Construction, Up-fits, and Moves/Adds/Changes

  • Controls/Access Cabling

  • Ladder rack and cable tray installation

  • Coax/CATV cabling

  • Wireless Access Point installation

  • Cable testing and underground cable fault locating

Voice & Data Cable Installation

Telesource Installers Field Techs are trained in commercial voice and data wiring and are fully prepared to perform extensive inside wiring, Category 5 & 6 LAN cabling, and xDSL, ISDN, DDS, T1, T3, and Fiber demarc extensions. 


We understand that the design and implementation of cabling for telephone systems and LAN/WAN infrastructure are critical components of the overall network operation. That is why we make it our number one goal to provide innovative solutions to each customer’s specific business needs and take pride in consistently providing our customers the highest quality network infrastructure solutions at a competitive price.


Our design team professionals offer full preconstruction design services for your project’s low voltage systems ranging from a simple tenant improvement project all the way to a state-of-the-art data center facility. Working together with our design team, our installation team technicians deliver the highest quality installations of both new systems and maintenance of existing systems.

Cabling represents only 5-10% of your entire network investment.

Cabling is the most difficult and potentially costly component to replace in your network.

Cabling will outlive most, if not all, of your network components.

Did you know that almost 80% of all network performance issues and downtime are due to faulty cabling?

Did you know that one faulty network cable can disrupt your entire network?

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