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Business VOIP Phone Systems

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is excited to introduce a PBX product that takes technology and economy to new levels in small business. Allworx is designed to reduce your expenditures and increase your competitive edge. Part of its secret is in its IP technology. The other key ingredient is its packaging.

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This new system is easy to acquire -there's no Cap X money needed. Allworx is easy to manage from your desktop computer and it's offered in a complete package of voice, internet and phones. This system can really connect your business to the world for less. This all-in-one solution will lower your implementation time, service costs and reduce dependence on tech support.

We are all aware that the phone system impacts you and your employees every day. It must be flexible, easy-to-use and productive. ALLWORX provides all of these benefits and more:

VoIP that travels:

Remote Access - with an Allworx IP phone and an Ethernet connection you can:

- Become a virtual "extension" of the office.

- Manage your voice mail from your e-mail.

- Change your personal settings from any location.

Multi-site calling:

With Allworx phones and an Allworx system in each of your office locations, you can:

- Create an inter-office calling system with 3-digit dialing.

- Merge multiple sites with one system.

- Manage all your phone systems from one desk-top.

Transfer calls between sites - the caller will never notice.

- View BLF activity and company directory across multiple sites.

- Manage calls for all sites with one receptionist.

Presence Management - Follow-me calling at your fingertips.

You can change your call routing "presence" instantly, using:

- Your phone

- Your voicemail

- Your PC

- Your smartphone

The Allworx Package helps your business:

- put equipment and services in 1 package

- eliminate the need for CAP X money

- lower monthly operating costs

- drive more business

- save money that can be used in other areas

- unify messaging between phones, cellular and email

For more details on the Allworx system call Telesource Installers today at 210-402-5455 ask for Rene.

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